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The Pentecostal Revival . . .

In 1906, in the city of Los Angeles, God the Spirit fell on a one-eyed black man, William Seymour. Seymour had been in the area speaking to believers aboutthe baptism in the Holy Spirit, as initially evidenced by speaking in unknown tongues. Seymour himself had not yet received this experience when he first started. However, as he lead the group of people on Bonnie Brea Street into deeper fellowship with God, he was baptized into the Spirit of God.

The meetings grew, and the people found themselves running out of space. It was then that they began to meet on Azusa Street. For the next several years God moved over those who came. The moving of the Lord was so mighty that people from the nations of the earth came to see what was happening.

They came, encountered God, and took this power and message of fire back to their nations with them.

Today, just 100 years later, Pentecostals number over 500 million world-wide. Pentecostal Christians are the second largest contingent of Christians in the world. 80 percent of all missionary activity is conducted by Pentecostals. The Holy Spirit, through the Pentecostal movement, has established the Church in places and among people groups that, since Jesus walked among us, have never heard the Gospel. More people have come to Christ in the past 100 years as came to Christ in the previous 1700 years of the Church’s history.

Our church was founded in 1933, as part of the Pentecostal Church of Christ (PCC). We were known as the “church on the hill.” The old building was eventually torn down because of highway expansion. In 1973 a new building was built, and it has since had several additions and renovations. The most recent was in 1997, with the expansion of the foyer and classroom space.

Originally, we were founded by simple “cottage prayer meetings.” Our church underwent a revival in 1969 that greatly encouraged the people. The timing of the Lord is perfect, because this revival preceded a lengthy court battle over ownership rights of the “church on the hill,” since the highway was expanding. Eventually, three years later, the church had begun construction on the ‘new’ building. Two years after its beginning, the new church was dedicated in April of 1973. All this was under the then pastor, Rev. M.C. Scott.

In 1976, Rev. Sam Miller came to pastor our church. It was under his ministry that the church mortgage was burned, and community wide evangelistic meetings were launched with great success. During his years of pastoring, another revival came to the church in 1979. It was a week after this stirring that the Lord did something remarkable. Mrs. Cathy Lee, a relative of the Millers, was stricken with multiple sclerosis that resulted in blindness in both of her eyes. She spent several weeks with doctors in Ohio, who did all they could in training her for visual impairment, but it was to no avail. Mrs. Lee was visiting our church on June 29, 1980. She went forward for prayer. After she was anointed with oil, she began to see the amplifiers on the platform with the brand name “Kustom” inscribed on them. Over the next few days, her sight was fully restored. Her doctor, in Chillicothe Ohio, Dr. Narikesh Parikh, was astounded, and so was her Methodist pastor and congregation there in Ohio! Cathy kept her healing.

In 1985, Rev. Miller left to take another church by the prompting of the Spirit of God, and our present pastor then took the place of leadership here in our church, Rev. B.G. Turner. Under Pastor Turner’s ministry, the church has had several additions: sanctuary expansion, a new foyer, new Sunday school rooms, office space, car port, the establishment of full youth ministries, ample monies given to missions, and the sending out of new ministers. Consistent prayer meetings were moved from Wednesday morning to Tuesday mornings, where people reported healing, baptisms in the Holy Spirit, and other answers to prayer. Our local church has consistently, under Pastor Turner’s obedience to the Lord, given out hundreds of thousands of dollars to missionary endeavors in his 21 years of pastoring.

And the Lord is still working among us!


The International Pentecostal Church of Christ is the conference of local churches and ministers that we are affiliated with. The IPCC was formed when the PCC and International Pentecostal Assemblies merged in 1976. Our roots go straight back to the Azusa Street Revival. G.B. Cashwell, dubbed the “apostle of Pentecost to the South,” attended the Azusa Revival. He was baptized into the Holy Spirit there. He took this message back to the South. He founded the magazine, The Bridegroom’s Messenger to publish the message of Pentecost. The IPCC published this magazine, the oldest Pentecostal periodical world-wide, until 2004. It was merged with the denominations other magazine, The Pentecostal Leader.

For more information about the IPCC, go to www.ipcc.ccThe IPCC is one of the oldest and more respected members of the Pentecostal/Charismatic Churches of North America. Also, we are part of the National Association of Evangelicals, the Pentecostal World Conference, and the World Evangelical Fellowship.

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